Artist book (leporello)

160 pages,  pigment printS on archival paper, hand sewn bound

Dimensions  57 X 38 cm ;

This artist book was elaborated from theoretical books on art, but also practical handbooks or reference literature in the art field. The covers have been scanned and cleared of any typographical sign, displaying only colored shapes or photographs, as if it was to reveal an earlier state of the book design. The title of each book - there are 76 - were moved to the left side and are linked together according to the rules of a Kyrielles game - in which the last word of a phrase is reprised in the next phrase, from "Entrée des artistes" (artists entrance) to "Sortie des artistes " (artists exit).

Beyond a dialectic game between each title and its original background,  the formal conventions that govern the book system are highlighted here, as well as the recurrence of certain words used in the titles of this type of publications.