painted floods

Dirk Skreber

simulated an earthquake

Loris Gréaud

makes the walls shake

Jeppe Hein

claimed natural disasters

Gianni Motti

selected photographs of the "most beautiful disasters" published by the press

Christophe Draeger

slowed down time

Bill Viola

Douglas Gordon

Nikias Chryssos and Frank Brandstetter

David Claerbout

Aernout Mik

deferred time

Dan Graham

Gary Hill

Vincent Levy

accelerated time

Tadasu Katamine

Morten Skallerud

reversed the course of time

Jean-Gabriel Periot

made the time stammer

Martin Arnold

Eddie D

made one minute sculptures

Erwin Wurm

did a one second sculpture

Tom Marioni

spent one thousand hours glaring at a blank sheet of paper

Tom Friedman

photographed the same piece of wall that can be seen from the window of his studio at different times of the day

Sol LeWitt

filmed seventy times the same story at different moments of the day

David Claerbout

remade the same picture of a path in the botanical garden in Paris every day during six weeks

Jochen Gerz

repainted the walls of a room a in different colours each day of the week

John Baldessari

Pawel Althamer

made pictures between noon and 2 pm

John Miller

took pictures of Los Angeles every ten minutes between 4 and 6 pm

Jonathan Monk

photographs a woman at the transition from one year to the next

Douglas Hubler

filmed himself behind closed doors over a 18 days period

Tadasu Katamine

photographed the same view from a window for a month

Joakim Eneroth

made a picture of his studio every minute during 24 hours

Darren Almond

made a picture every 20 seconds from the window of a plane flying from Paris to Verona

Hiroyuki Masuyama

toured all the Paris'art galleries within two minutes

Edouard Levé

visited the Louvre in 1 minute 26

Bénédicte Hébert

wrote that he was "equiped to handle time from 1/2500th millisecond up"

James Lee Byars

photographed exactly the same scene from multiple viewpoints exactly at the very same moment

David Claerbout

made a piece of music that stops when a butterfly flies out of the room

La Monte Young

made a slide projection with plenty of postcards showing Big-Ben indicating the real time at the moment the projection took place

Jonathan Monk

edited a film with found footage showing watches or clocks that indicate the actual time at the moment they appear on the screen

Christian Marclay

Etienne Chambaud

carries a dozen of wristwatches

Wolf Vostell

painted soft watches

Salvador Dali

worked on Hitchcock

Victor Burgin

Christoph Girardet and Matthias Müller

Douglas Gordon

Rodney Graham

Pierre Huyghe

Martina Sauter

Laurent Fiévet

worked on Antonioni

Clemens von Wedemeyer

Christian Marclay

Alicja Kwade

stopped the motorway traffic

Yael Bartana

photographed a French village named Angoisse (Anguish)

Edouard Levé

photographed an Oregon town called Boring

Martin Paar

makes video installations with apathetic people and where we don’t really understand what's going on

Aernout Mik  

filmed the attitude and actions of people waiting

Natacha Nisic

photographed queues

Antoni Muntadas

set up fake queues

Roman Ondak

turned exhibition spaces into waiting rooms

Pawel Althamer

painted waiting rooms

Jean-Frédéric Schnyder

photographed the homes of deceased persons

Miriam Bäckström